Access advanced integration capabilities, unmatched scalability, and dedicated support to streamline your operations—no matter how complex.

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Lead the market with a partner that understands scale and complexity. REVER lets you streamline your operations through seamless integrations and the support of dedicated experts. Ensure efficiency and sustainability at every turn.


proven results for your brand


less customer support needed

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increase in customer satisfaction


fewer total refunds

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cheaper returns


HOFF aims to reach 100 million euros by 2025, driven by agreements with El Corte Inglés and expansion into new international markets. With this growth, REVER plays a crucial role in retention.

HOFF trusts REVER for a +70M€ ambitious expansion

Automated Operations


Retained Dollar Value (€)


Monthly Sales


TwoJeys partners with REVER for integrated global operations, advanced data, omni-channel capabilities and greater retained value.

TwoJeys' growth is backed by REVER's superpowers


+46% withholding tax on refund revenue

Experiencia Omnicanal

with in-store returns in all countries


more revenue in 2023


Adidas strengthens its operations with REVER through improved warranties, seamless logistics, ERP and warehouse integration

Adidas uses ‘REVER Guarantees’ in reverse logistics


revenue growth in 2023

2M+ stores

13K+ franchises

Improving efficiency

Achieving operational excellence


REVER allows Misako shoppers to get a refund in a matter of seconds at any of their shops, while getting detailed analysis of all their returns.

REVER digitises Misako's in-store returns


Stores in Spain


Growth in 2023


returns <10 seconds

HOFF trusts REVER for a +70M€ ambitious expansion
TwoJeys' growth is backed by REVER's superpowers
Adidas uses ‘REVER Guarantees’ in reverse logistics
REVER digitises Misako's in-store returns



Reduce refunds

REVER helps you bring returns down to zero with AI-powered insights that make more sales for keeps.

Integrate seamlessly

Designed to work smoothly with your existing workflow, REVER’s API supports all major e-commerce platforms.

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Retain customers

REVER allows you to provide a hassle-free returns experience that drives faster re-purchase.

Automate workflows

Streamline your returns with integrations that automate your workflow.

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Analyze with AI

Identify trends in returns and make informed decisions that drive business growth with AI-powered insights.

Seller protection

We assume abuse and fraud risk, so you can focus on running a successful business

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Instant refunds

Get unique insights

Integrate with

REVER works with your existing tools, so you can get started immediately without changing your workflow.

view all integrations

turn customer data into
AI-powered guidance

REVER accelerates your sales so your growth is unstoppable. We unlock the hidden data in your customers’ habits, providing AI-powered guidance that brings returns down to zero.



Customer of Maison Hotel

I received the refund very promptly thank you

Customer of La Veste

I am particularly impressed with the return label for international shipping and how easy it was to drop off at UPS

Customer of Augusta The Brand

Me encantó el servicio! realmente intuitivo y eficiente. Felicitaciones!

Customer of Project Lobster

Wish more companies would already use the service, makes life extremely easy for us consumers :)

Customer of Laazo80

Hice un cambio de talla, muy fácil e intuitivo

Customer of Coolway

Todo perfecto, rápido y sin rodeos. Sin duda volveré a comprar

Customer of Saveone

Quick and simple, I had a great time with this service

Customer of Maison Hotel

Best service ever

Customer of Laazo80

Todo muy bien, sin hacer falta imprimir la etiqueta y muy rápido

Customer of Tantaran

Muy rápido y fácil. Ojalá fueran todos así de rápidos

Customer of Mimshoes

Todo genial.... el servicio post-venta es inmejorable

Got a question?
We’ve got the answer.

What is REVER and how can it benefit my eCommerce business?

REVER is a returns management solution designed to streamline the returns process for eCommerce businesses. It offers fast, frictionless, and sustainable returns, helping to improve customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and increase overall efficiency.

How does REVER improve the customer experience?

By providing a seamless and convenient returns process, REVER ensures that your customers have a positive experience when returning products, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases

How does REVER integrate with my existing eCommerce platform?

REVER integrates seamlessly with popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth integration process and provide the necessary guidance and support.

Can REVER handle international returns?

Yes, REVER supports international returns. Our platform is designed to handle returns from customers around the world, providing a consistent and efficient returns experience for your global customer base.

How does REVER help reduce customer support tickets related to returns?

REVER automates many aspects of the returns process, such as tracking, processing, and managing customer inquiries. By providing self-service options and real-time updates, customers can easily track their return status, reducing the need for support tickets.

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