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In which countries can I use REVER?

To get started with REVER, simply contact us to schedule a demo. Our team will guide you through the integration process, provide training, and offer ongoing support.

Who does REVER work with?

REVER has over 300 retail partners worldwide, and we’re excited for your business to become part of the revolution.We work with businesses of all sizes across many industries. REVER may be a good fit for your business if you:Operate a live website or a physical store where you sell products.You're already integrated with an eCommerce platform supported by REVER, or sell through your own platform.

Who’s behind REVER?

REVER was founded in 2021 to address the rising trend of returns, fueled by a 30% return rate in select markets and the emergence of a $500 billion returns market post-pandemic. Offering a streamlined returns experience, REVER enables consumers to initiate returns and receive instant refunds with just two clicks, while also providing end-to-end solutions that encompass logistics integration, management software, and various compensation methods like exchanges and promotional codes to bolster customer loyalty. Backed by investors including Y Combinator (YC), Sequoia Capital, GFC (Global Founders Capital), and Glovo, among others, REVER's mission is to drive eCommerce growth sustainably, aligning with global initiatives like the UN's 2030 Agenda, as it expands globally across more than 60 countries, poised to lead the charge in revolutionizing the digital economy's reverse logistics landscape.

Why is REVER the best option?

Unlike traditional returns management systems, REVER offers a comprehensive solution that not only speeds up the process but also integrates sustainability at every step. Our technology predicts resale eligibility, saves on unnecessary shipping, and helps businesses manage their reverse logistics more effectively.

Who recommends REVER?

REVER has been named the Best Global Startup of 2024 and the Retail Startup of 2023. Plus, we’ve been recognized among the Top 50 Startups at 4YFN - MWC in 2024, and as the best Startup Fintech by Diario Expansión. Moreover, we emerged as winners in competitions such as Desigual Awesome Labs and "Patrones de Ideas" from Scalpers.Besides, REVER garners support from renowned investors such as Glovo, Sequoia, and GFC (Global Founders Capital), alongside endorsements from prominent eCommerce brands like Adidas and Desigual. Highly recommended by eCommerce businesses, industry experts, and investors alike, REVER's innovative solutions and proven track record of success have positioned us as a trailblazer in optimizing the returns process and catalyzing business growth within the industry.

Who is REVER for?

REVER offers different solutions for different type of businesses.

REVER's end-to-end solutions cater to your needs, empowering you tothrive in the digital economy.

Intro to REVER

What products does REVER offer?

REVER offers an end-to-end solution for eCommerce businesses, revolutionizing the returns process. Our products include a customizable returns portal, integration with eCommerce logistics partners, advanced compensation options such as exchanges or promotional codes, and instant refund capabilities.

How can I reduce my refunds using REVER?

By leveraging REVER's advanced technology platform, eCommerce businesses can reduce refunds by above 50% through improved customer experiences, streamlined returns processes, and proactive measures such as size recommendations and personalized product suggestions.

How can I reduce my returns using REVER?

REVER helps reduce returns by 47% by providing tools to enhance the overall shopping experience, such as size recommendations, personalized product suggestions, and real-time order tracking, thereby reducing the likelihood of returns due to incorrect sizing or dissatisfaction.

How can I increase sales & retention using REVER?

REVER enhances sales and retention by 19% by optimizing the returns process, improving customer satisfaction, and offering incentives such as promotional codes and exchanges, thereby fostering loyalty and repeat purchases.

Can REVER manage the logistics of my returns?

Yes, REVER integrates with eCommerce logistics partners like UPS, Correos, Correos Express, and DHL to manage the logistics of returns efficiently and effectively, simplifying the process for both businesses and customers.

Does REVER ensure the value of the products?

REVER offers an innovative product (REVER Protect) that ensures the value of products by providing advanced compensation options, such as promotional codes and instant refunds, and by offering personalized support throughout the returns process thanks to a unique risk algorithm based on advanced AI technology.

Which analytics can I get from my products?

REVER provides comprehensive analytics on product returns, customer behavior, product performance, reasons for returns, top-selling items, and trends, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations and enhance customer experiences.

How can I recommend products to my shoppers?

REVER enables businesses to recommend products to shoppers through personalized suggestions based on their purchase history, browsing behavior, and preferences. This increases repurchase by 45%.

Products & Services

Integrating REVER

REVER seamlessly integrates with eCommerce platforms, providing a hassle-free integration process for businesses. Our platform supports integration with various eCommerce platforms and can be easily customized to meet specific business requirements.

What platforms do you work with?

REVER works with a wide range of eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and more, ensuring compatibility with the most popular platforms in the market.

How long does it take to integrate my store with REVER?

The integration process with REVER is efficient and straightforward, typically taking only a few days depending on the complexity of the eCommerce platform and customization requirements.

How can I increase sales & retention using REVER?

REVER enhances sales and retention by 19% by optimizing the returns process, improving customer satisfaction, and offering incentives such as promotional codes and exchanges, thereby fostering loyalty and repeat purchases.

Can REVER integrate with my ERP?

Yes, REVER can integrate with your ERP system, providing seamless data synchronization and streamlining operations across your business.

Which logistics carriers does REVER integrate with?

REVER integrates with various logistics carriers like Correos, UPS, and DHL. We enable businesses to choose the carriers that best suit their needs and preferences, ensuring smooth and efficient returns processing.

Integration and technical aspects

How can the shopper follow their order?

Shoppers can easily track their orders in real-time through REVER's order tracking feature, providing transparency and peace of mind throughout the shopping and returns process

How can shoppers get an instant refund?

Shoppers can receive instant refunds through REVER's fintech capabilities, allowing them to access their funds within seconds of initiating the return process, enhancing convenience and customer satisfaction.

How can shoppers get a size recommendation?

REVER provides size recommendations to shoppers based on their purchase history, preferences, and product specifications, helping them make informed decisions and reducing the likelihood of returns due to incorrect sizing.

How can the shopper know in real time the status of their refund?

Shoppers can track the status of their refunds in real-time through REVER's platform, providing transparency and visibility into the refund process from initiation to completion.

Related to shoppers

Why should I announce to shoppers that I’ve launched with REVER?

Announcing to shoppers that you’ve launched with REVER is a great way to increase reach beyond your current customers to brand new and potentially returning shoppers.- To get the most reach and impact, we recommend announcing your REVER launch in the following ways:Send a launch-focused email to your email subscribersPost on social media, remembering to tag @itsrever_official, and use the hashtag #REVER to reach new shoppersPublish an About REVER page on your website so that shoppers learn how to return hassle-free with REVER